Modus Operandi Development SPA

The steps for a conscious and profitable development of your spa.


In view of our long experience in the field of SPA Consulting & Management, on different types of projects, we illustrate the Modus Operandi Development SPA, set to support you in the SPA continuous evolutionary process, so as to reach ever-changing goals and objectives.

Check-Up SPA

Clearness and awareness are the basis for an effective management of your company. In this first time, then, we will make a comprehensive analysis of your SPA, a Check-Up in fact, to provide a picture in high definition where it becomes apparent every single detail.

  • Analysis Structure and Equipment
  • Analysis Marketing & Communication
  • Analysis Procedures & Protocols
  • Team analysis
  • Analysis Costs & Revenues
  • Evaluation of Management model
  • Concluding report, action plan with objectives, costs and Chronoplan
"To clearly understand if your SPA has the prerequisites to become a successful business. In the end, disappointed or enthusiastic, you will decide if we can be useful and, if it is a yes, in what way. "
New Concept

The Concept, through its aesthetic and technological forms, has the fundamental task to adhere to the target audience and thus respond adequately to the demand of customers. It is critical as many of the menu Treatments and its applications Supported Protocols, the essence of the Concept.

  • New Menu’s definition of Treatments & Services
  • New Guide lines of Application Sheets
  • Redefinition of equipment and technological systems
  • New Architectural and technological plants boards for spa area
  • New Flow charts for Customers and Operators
"A Concept SPA can only be a" Tailor Made Business ", a concept which is perfectly in tune with your potential customers and your salary expectations."
Design and Implementation

Too often the architectural design is a drag instead of a business accelerator. Aware of its importance and data in hand, we can, at this point, confer to the project the necessary features to ensure that your SPA corresponds for 100% to your business idea.

Now the bbspa team will assist your Architects team in :

Design & Renovation of architectural structure
Design & Renovation of technological  systems
Design & Renovationof Technical furnitures
Design & Renovation full concept design

"We will be at your side, assisting the team in charge of the renovation, to give you the maximum of our know-how and set the SPA in the most efficient way possible."
Protocols & Vademecum

Once the Hardware has been put together, it's now the turn of the Software. This represents the core that will make it possible for your structure to become a pulsating and efficient powerhouse geared towards the objective of an efficient Business SPA.

  • Redrawing up the technical, practical and management sheet
  • Redefining the professional equipment list
  • Creating and implementing the new guidelines: Team
  • Creating and implementing the new guidelines: Clients
  • Preparing a three-year SPA Budget
“This documentation will serve as your compass, guiding you towards the optimal management of your SPA; ready to guide you through any storm...”
Selection & Training Team

We will assist you in the selection, training and defining of the most important and critical part of your SPA: your New Team. We will transfer the tools necessary for the team to become the strength of your business, able to convey and apply your vision and mission. 

  • Redefinition and Drawing up of the new ideal staff for the Team
  • Selection of New Team members
  • Preparation of the 2 times training plan
  • 1st Training, "Leveling for the time of the new Opening"
  • 2nd Training, Continuing Training
  • Redefining the team reward and incentive systems
“The team is a living organism and by nature, is subject to change, breaking up and coming together again. But once it has gained the guiding principles and tools with which to implement them, every team will be able to convey your mission regardless of any differences.”

We are finally there, well almost. In fact, there is one last effort to be made before opening: the careful attention given to each detail, to all those aspects, in other words, which form the tip of the iceberg, the part immediately visible to all, the part we will be "judged on", your daily interface between us, your team and your customers. From this point forward, these are the aspects that will decide the game. 

  • Selecting and application of the SPA Computer Management System
  • Redefining the “uniform system” for the SPA team
  • Redefining the “equipment system” for the Cubicles and Clients
  • Suport to Marketing Plan redefinition and prepation
  • Suport to Communication plan redefinition
  • Professional reinstallation and setting up of SPA
“Communicate, communicate and once again communicate. This is the subject of this Time, in-house and external communication in its many forms: your eyes, your ears, your nose, your voice and your heart.”
Management & Development

We are at the seventh and last time, now we will continue to assist you, according to the management system you choose. We will do it with our presence and guidance for the time necessary to achieve the maximum efficiency of your spa and your full degree of management autonomy.

  • Implementation of the management system
  • SPA management training
  • Monitoring the results of Marketing & Budget objectives
  • Scheduled checking of Management System
  • Updating of continual Training Plan for the Team
Our job is to achieve, together with you, your goals. This is how we measure the effectiveness of our consulting.