Architects are both our friends and enemies. We grow together, talk together and debate among each other with the same enthusiasm. We are united by a common goal, even though we might have very different ideas about the path that will take us there.
Agrisophia Progetti
We work with Simona and Silvano from Agrisophia Progetti on the occasion of the studies of landscapes and designing outdoor spaces. The form, the selection of materials and of the plant varieties, is never an end in itself, but becomes a real sense of wellbeing.
Alfio Barabani Architects
We worked with Società d’Architettura and Alfio Barabani in particular, on the Santacaterina Living SPA project in Assisi. We are currently finalising some interesting projects with them in the historic and archaeological fields.
We have collaborated with the Amsterdam-based DDOCK team and Francesco Messori in particular, on numerous projects, including SPA NOORDWIJK and our future headquarters in Umbria.
Emilio Faroldi Associati
Working with Emilio and his team, we have completed - among other things - the economic and architectural plan for the Terme dell'Energie project that will be opening soon.
We first met the owner of the firm, Paolo Ruggeri, 20 years ago when we collaborated with the GTS Group on the Terme di Bibione, Terme di Riccione and Monticello SPA & Fit projects. We have even worked together for the project. More recently, we worked together on Portopiccolo di Sistiana and in Varignana project.
Grandi Architettura & Partners
With the team Great Architectures & Partners, and in particular with the architect Massimo Marzorati we worked on different SPA projects, including that of Porto Piccolo Sistiana. We have in common the objective to actively engage the customer in "project thinking" process, giving space to their needs.
Giugiaro Architettura
We have only begun collaborating with Giugiaro Architettura recently, but we immediately managed to establish a smooth working relationship. Together we perfected an international Balneo SPA format and the planning of SPAs for the cruise and hospitality industries.
Paolo Bodega Architettura
Our collaboration with Paolo began when we worked together on Hofer Group projects such as the Terme Sensoriali (Sensory Baths) in Chianciano. This collaboration continue with other ongoing projects that combine technology and sensory experiences.
With the Riverbera team and particularly with Francis Verna we are working on a beautiful project of SPA, to create a new concept of SPA Thermal, Fun and wellness in perfect full immersion with a secular park, for now the confidentiality does not allow us to say more . . . .
Our 30-years of experience have taught us to approach every SPA project as a new challenge, where to ensure the project's success; we seek out those who can offer us specific skills and the relevant specializations.
New questions demand new answers. We keep on doing our research with the aim to guarantee appropriate answers for unique results.
Bonucchi e Associati
We first met many years ago when we worked on the Cozzi redevelopment project in Milan. It was a great pleasure for us team up for the success of Neolis project once again.
Dott. F. Bonsignori
After having worked for 5 years in the Management of Tombolo Talasso Resort SPA, we are now realizing a collaboration & partnership for Concept & Management of Talasso SPA in Italy and abroad.
Professor Silvio Cardinali
He works as a professor of Economics and Business Management at the Management and Industrial Organization Department, at the Polytechnic University of Marches. We have worked with Silvio to perfect a pre-feasibility study of SPA projects. This study has now become the tool we use in drawing up all our projects.
Marco Nieri
We could think of a thousand things to say about Marco, but perhaps the best way to describe him is "one man, one passion: nature". Marco works with us to contribute his expertise in BIO-ENERGETIC LANDSCAPES in implementing SPA projects such as the Terme dell'Energie and Neolis projects.
Teikos Consulting
We share Teikos Consulting's desire to be viewed as agents of change and innovation in the same way as entrepreneurs who provide new methods and ideas through the creation of tangible, workable solutions. We have previously worked together on projects including the Terme dell'Energie and are currently involved together on the Castrocaro Terme Spa Centre.
Visuale Associati
With the Visuale Associati team, and Marta Cristiani in particular, we work on strategic PR planning with regard to SPA projects. The aim of our partnership is to support and promote the projects undertaken.