Thalasso SPA of 2,500 square meters at S. Marco di Castellabate (SA) - Our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. & M.O.M. SPA.
This SPA, located in front of the delightful port of S. Marco di Castellabate with view over the entire Gulf of Salerno, is a microcosm where the water of the sea and its scent envelop you entirely.
Sensory Thalasso path, salt, seaweed, sea water, sand and Mediterranean aromas give the real feel of the sea, being the elements that create 4 rejuvenating spa packages.
Thermal SPA of 2500 square meters of the Castrocaro Terme - our customer to M.O.P. , M.O.M. SPA and SPA Management
The waters, muds, hospitality, wellness and prevention, all joins in the care of a new thermal user lifestyle. So we give the welcome to the world of the Wellness Clinic of Castrocaro Terme "where we breathed energy, wellness, our SPA know-how and our management for shifting the thermal baths to the third millennium and from a totally new customers. A long path, but exciting and fascinating and still provides numerous tape before being completed.
City Beauty SPA of 150 square meters in Milan - Our customer M.O.P. and M.O.M. SPA
Christian Colotte, President of Biosel Ltd, asked us to give a SPA "Tailor Made" and "Pure" as its cosmetics, where its brand could recognize itself. What we present is the XXS format, soon will come the XXL for a complete immersion in Biosel being.
The design and construction of this SPA was followed by our Erredesign partners.
City SPA of 4000sqm in Saronno, Italy - Our costumer for a consulting M.O.P. SPA.
Exit SPA is a microcosm where water surrounds you on all sides. The water, the primary source of life and energy source capable of regenerating, drop by drop, mind and body.
Exit SPA technological oasis full of lights, images, scents, colors, where to enjoy a refreshing break to relax. Inspired by nature, it is designed to make you live closely the marvel of faraway landscapes. To get away from stress and get into the depths of yourself.
Hotel SPA of 500 sqm in Rome - Our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. SPA.
In the Hotel Lunetta and intimate atmosphere rich in history, it is a 4-star luxury boutique hotel located in the ancient heart of Rome. Completely restored between the end of 2009 and beginning of 2011, the building was the old Hotel of the Moon, built in 1368 A.D. and remembered as the first in Rome. Our task was to identify the SPA concept that best match the needs of its future customers compatibly with the investor's business needs.
350 mq SPA at the l'Hotel Le Sanglier des Ardennes, Durbuy, Belgium. Our client for "Turnkey & Tailor made" SPA
Restructuring and reorganization of the existing spaces and realization Turnkey & Tailor made of the wet area, at the Hotel Le Sanglier des Ardennes in the beautiful town of Durbuy, in Belgium.
The thread of the whole project is the presence of cedar wood to create a permanent aromatherapy through the odor that this material releases over time.
Medical Spa of 1500 square meters inside Castrocaro Terme - our customer to M.O.P. , M.O.M. SPA and SPA Management
Long Life Formula is an innovative method to set the correct lifestyle, formulated on a scientific basis by a team of medical GVM Care & Research, on the idea of Lucia Magnani. We have made available, all our SPA & Wellness know-how to integrate it to the Medical and Thermal DNA of our customers in order to create a unique concept.
Thermal SPA of 500 square meters - our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. SPA.
Sea Harmony - Energy Sea - Sea of Music, ie three new thematic areas of water in the prestigious Wellness Center Berzieri, wellness and relaxation with thermal salsobromoiodic waters of Salsomaggiore.
Project born from strategic consulting to Teikos Consulting, with whom we have identified the appropriate wellness program, designed and built by Emiliofaroldiassociati.
City SPA of 5000 square meters - our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. SPA.
With this project it created a new format of SPA, the Daily Destination SPA, namely the SPA with a playful wellness program at affordable price, for a democratization of wellness, opening thus a new market: the "SPA LOW COST".
Monticello Spa & Fit we have intervened alongside our partners Erredesign and Hofer Group.
City SPA 1.500mq to ASSISI - Our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. SPA.
Inside the Relais Nun, in a place out of time, dedicated for over 2000 years to the worship of water, comes this SPA. It's like a real private museum, the arcane beauty, a short walk from the center of Assisi, which choose their own well-being space.
These are built around the pool where 6 majestic pillars of the first sec.d.C, surround the tub, and act as portals of Nun path in which relives the worship of the ancient Romans for thermal bath and body care.
Thalasso SPA of 1500 square meters in Marina di Castagneto Carducci - Tuscany - Our customer for M.O.M. SPA and SPA Partnership.
The Tombolo Talasso Resort is a five-star hotel on the ancient Etruscan coast in Tuscany, near Bolgheri.
This stunning RESORT and SPA enjoys an excellent location. It offers 96 rooms and suites, private beach and sea-water pools.
The SPA specialises in thalassotherapy treatments and is equipped with five sea-water pools housed in an enchanting grotto. It offers a wide range of treatments that take advantage of the benefits provided by sea water, salts, algaes and mud. Also on offer are relaxing, holistic, oriental and beauty massages.
1.700sqm SPA inside Palazzo Varignana Resort - Our costumer for a M.O.P. SPA
Intervening on this existing project, made from others, is always very delicate, but we've picked up this challenge for an internal and external expansion by doubling the surfaces, must complete it, but above all elevate quality standards and profitability of the spa.
It is double-leap, the one perceived by the user and the one required by investors and management. It has been a tremendously exciting challenge.