bbspa along with Aquademy to put together experience, innovation and design to offer moments of well-being and space.

The first fruit of this partnership is a solution for a deep well-being that allows to take care of themselves and devote more time in an authentic way and whenever the body and mind so require, into a SPA, in a hotel, in a gym or at home.

SPASTREAM equipment is high-tech, can replicate and replace the same movements and benefits operated by the hands of an experienced massage therapist always ensuring performance at the highest level.

SPASTREAM is able to bring another dimension to the massage experience lived in a SPA.

A revolution
A revolution

SPASTREAM revolutionises the Vichy shower concept with the electronic management of 1,200 water points that replicate the manual skill of an experienced masseur.

SPASTREAM is the 3.0 version of a device devoted to giving rain massages, a long-established treatment with proven success.

SPASTREAM is a horizontal shower which provides water massages in a totally innovative, engaging and effective way. For clients in the constant search for rejuvenation de-stress and anti-aging treatments, to achieve a genuine and profound sense of wellbeing.


SPASTREAM’s first-rate engineering makes it possible to:

  • Position 50 jets ergonomically according to the anatomy of the human body.
  • Choose the exact type of jet according to the part of the body to be treated.
  • Program the sequence of the jets to replicate the wide variety of techniques and sequences of manual massages, duplicating their rhythm, sequence, movements and effectiveness.
  • Use our technology and materials with thermal and sea water without contraindications.

SPASTREAM works in automatic mode by choosing amongst 16 pre-set programmes, or in manual mode by setting each parameter. SPASTREAM software manages and controls each of the 50 jet modules second by second, programming and monitoring according to the following parameters:

ON / OFF - Water temperature and pressure - Matching chromotherapy colours.

Thanks to the control of all these parameters, SPASTREAM can create a sequence of water jets that reproduce with maximum grip the manual dexterity of a massage, transporting your mind to a new perception of well-being never experienced before.


SPASTREAM is suitable for all SPA concepts, providing the highest quality of wellbeing service, anytime and anywhere... which greatly enhances any SPA concept.

  • inside Fitness center offers a low cost professional massage, 24 hours a day and self-service.
  • inside Private SPA guarantees that, every time you come home, you’ll find an expert “masseur” at your service for a complete relaxation experience.
  • inside Business Hotels is at the complete disposal of your customers to provide an effective de-stress massage, available 24 hours a day.
  • inside Yachts can provide a magnificent Talasso Spa Experience on board, without space or weight problems, available at any time, even at sea.
  • inside SPA fulfils the desire of a multi-sensory water treatment, replacing the shower experience with a water massage that you will never forget.

Thanks to 1200 water jets programmed electronically, SPASTREAM exploits in a unique way the effect of water spraying, stimulating and toning tissues whilst at the same time being deeply relaxing.

The water jets flow over your skin with variable sequences, intensities and temperatures, for an extensive interaction with every part of your body. The colours, aromas and melodies accentuate the benefits on the nervous system, with a positive effect on the mind, whilst promoting emotions and feelings of well-being.

In addition to massaging, the pressure of the water stimulates the lymphatic circulation, increases cells oxygenation, drains tissues.

Each jet acts with an intense and soothing epithelial micro-massage through the skin’s subtle reflexes, which stimulates the nervous system, with greatly effective de-stress action comparable only to manual massages

The frequent use of SPASTREAM enhances all of its health benefits.

The Inside Stand Alone Cabine - Coming Soon

You can install the SPASTREAM, in one of your SPA cabin,  in 12 hours and without having to perform plumbing work and masonry. It will be immediately operational.

A self-supporting steel structure in aluminum, complete with everything to install the SPASTREAM in any massage cabin. The color of the structure and the curtains, both customizable, allow the equipment integration to design and mood of your SPA.

The cabin has been functionally designed to allow the delivery of SPASTREAM treatments, which collects water from the floor directing it towards the drain, which tends to contain vapors and splashes.

The Inside Stand Alone Cabine - Coming Soon
The Outdoor Stand Alone Cabine - Coming Soon
The Outdoor Stand Alone Cabine - Coming Soon

You can install the Spastream, wherever you want outdoors, on your terrace, in your garden, on the beach or by the pool and. . . it will be immediately wellness.

A self-supporting structure in painted aluminum, complete with everything to install SPASTREAM in any outdoor environment. The finishes customizable, allow the integration of the equipment in the mood and design of your external area. While the curtains provide privacy.

The cabin has been studied in a functional manner to enable optimum delivery of SPASTREAM treatments.

To allow you to create a SPA anywhere. . . . comes the water !!!