Gabriella Francia and Régis Boudon-Doris,  the core of the bbpsa team,
have been providing managerial consulting since 1990, 
to the Wellness and SPA sector.

Our long-standing partnership with all the leading players of this world, from cosmetic and professional beauty companies to wellness centres, spas and thalassotherapy centres, as well as today's SPAs, has enabled our team and partners to develop an extensive Know-How. This process allow us to offer managerial consulting on SPA projects and to totally assist during the entire process.

A 360 ° management consulting.

In our offices we have co-workers and external partners, which change according to the project, to create a sort of cross-pollination, a fruitful mix between various fields and cultures to form a vital component: the team

Your objective is our focus: to build a successful Business SPA, with a unique concept.

“I'll prepare a list of services for you, manage the selection and training of your team and, together with your team, coordinate the start-up & follow-up of your SPA.”

Gabriella Francia

An expert in Research & Development for Wellness treatments and technologies, with specific experience in the creation of SPA menus and protocols. She has worked as a SPA Trainer, SPA Manager and SPA Director for the most well-known SPAs
“I'll pilot your Analysis and Concept Creation for you and help you to manage the entire SPA project. I will be the guiding light that will guide you to the success.”

Régis Boudon-Doris

He develops the projects with the "partner clients". An artistic sensitivity and management skills distinguish his long-standing experience as an R&D Manager, Art Director and Business Development Manager for leading SPAs and companies in the sector.