Thermal Spa of 2.500 sqm inside and 5.000 sqm outside - Our customer for M.O.P. SPA
With the Riverbera team and particularly with Francis Verna we are working on a beautiful project of SPA, to create a new concept of SPA Thermal, Fun & Wellness - In & Out, in perfect full immersion with a secular park, for now the confidentiality does not allow us to say and show more . . .
20.000sqm outside and 1.000sqm inside Corporate SPA, in the hills of Cattolica - Our customer for a consulting M.O.P. SPA
"Acquamara Gardens" are inserted inside an agricultural biodynamic winery recently created. Starting from the source of salty thermal water, we will create an internal wellness program, but especially external, which will melt completely and so harmonious with the company's agricultural organism, in order to achieve and take shape by the generator because of future cellars that will constitute the point of arrival.
For a biodynamic and wine therapeutic wellness, that totally involves the winery, its products and its customers.
Spa Resort of 1200 square meters in Umbria - Our customer for M.O.P. and M.O.M. SPA
A small medieval village, a former hermitage, between Todi and Spoleto in the natural park of Monti Martana, will become a Relais SPA with five suites in the village and 5 suites in the trees, a restaurant and of course a SPA indoor/outdoor and on the tree. All it surrounded by a park-path Bioenergico.
A project where Erredesign, Marco Nieri and Simona Ventura, are irreplaceable partners.
Wine SPA in Sardinia, in a Biodynamic Resort and its cottages - Our customer a consultancy M.O.P. SPA
The Muretto estate is situated in the North of Sardinia in the Gallura area. The "Divine Mama" project was created to give value to this earth with the respect that men have to mothers.
The Sardinian tradition has its roots in the matriarchy and from this tradition we merge the foundation for our project of Wine SPA entered in the cellar and, in a "widespread" in the cottages making their become the Suite SPA, place among the several vineyards.
A concept SPA generated the tradition of this land and its open beauty, which brings harmony to give it to our future guests.
Tantra Resort & SPA in Italy - Our customer for a consulting M.O.P. SPA & M.O.M SPA
Neolis is preparing the construction in Italy of "The Tantra Resort", its first international Eco Resort Luxury, unique in its kind, which allows you to experiment a 'life experience in the complete freedom of themselves.
It will offer a therapeutic environment, with a strong sensory and emotional perception, for the evolution of the human being, through programs that transform the vital energy in the Love and Awareness Creation.
In this project we bring all our know-how for the development of the concept and its implementation.
9.000sqm Thalasso SPA - Our costumer for a M.O.P. SPA Consultancy.
Called byGrandi Architettura & Partners to optimize and give identity to this project before implement it, guaranteeing to investors its competitiveness and profitability in the European wellness market. For this naturalistic village, we have designed the largest Italian spa by the sea. A sophisticated SPA concept that, at the same time, recalls the natural elements of the place, from the Aurisina stone to the sea skyline.
These renderings are the result of our collaboration in developing a concept spa made of routes, services and innovative treatments, but whose wellness traditions from the world (the Amazon, Nordic, Arabic and Japanese) declined in a new way to ensure success.
6500mq SPA and 4000mq Thermal in Riccione - Our client for M.O.P. SPA
Water will be the main element of the project, which comes in many forms. The second key element of the project will be Green in all its applications.
Targeted and careful use of vegetation in buildings will contribute to the reduction of energy consumed in conditioning indoor temperature, cooling it or heating it. Environmental sustainability will be another important feature that will identify the new urban and building intervention.
500sqm Thalasso SPA in Marina di Castagneto - Our costumer for a M.O.P. SPA Consultancy.
We will convert the terrace on the top floor in a SPA absolutely spectacular and unique with an unbeatable view of the sea, the tops of the pine trees and the sky.

A SPA eco where the structure, in addition to ensuring an unimpeded view, it is also energy source able to guarantee the energy autonomy. Wellness, nature and technology at 360°.
Thermal SPA of 7000 square meters - our customer for a Consulting M.O.P. SPA.
Based on a pre-business analysis conducted by Teikos Consulting to re-launch a leading Italian SPA company, we were asked to work in collaboration with Emiliofaroldiassociati, to devise a new "SPA pavilion" that would have an innovative approach that could attract young people and families.
The main parameters of the project were a 30 euro target price, a 1,500 daily visitor capacity, a 20 million euro implementation budget and a 25% EBIT.
The interiors were created in collaboration with Biosel's Christan Colotte, while the exteriors were designed with Marco Nieri.
The project is currently in the administrative and project financing stages.
Thalasso SPA Resort with two SPA of 5000 square meters in Dubai - Our customer for a consulting M.O.P. SPA.
Situated between the desert and the sea, this SPA resort conceived as a Bioenergetic Landscape idea by Marco Nieri, was developed for a customer in the United Arab Emirates.
It basically revolves around three huge "greenhouses"; the largest (5,000 square meters) is for the resort, while the two smaller buildings (2,000 square meters each) are for the Women's SPA and Men's SPA. All three structures are linked by a section of sea that surrounds them.
We worked with Erredesign on the architectural aspects of the project.
Resort of 2500 mq inside and 2500mq outside at South Malé Atoll, Maldive. Our client for M.O.P. SPA
The first and most innovative bioenergetic SPA of the Maldives Islands.
The basic features are:
- Architectural structure built according to strict principles of sustainability, ecological compatibility and maximum biological affinity.
- Study and application of bioenergy principles in the selection, implementation and use of materials and systems
- Permeability between internal and external atmospheres, which connects the continuous vital presence of green and water
- Use of both sea water and fresh water for a total well-being.