YouSPA, the first search engine for finding the SPA of your dreams anywhere in the world

The bbspa know-how developed with the continuous confrontation with SPA, their daily management and the continuing challenges to manage and promote them has placed us in a position to be the creators of this project and then create a company dedicated with different partners, specialists web, experts in web communication and start-up incubators.

An easy and quick search, filtered by categories, the services offered and with their wishes, needs and budget. Useful for users, they have access to the entire panorama of the spa in the world. Useful for the SPA, to be found ... an opportunity not to be missed! plus the App YouSPA, for information, research and last minute promotions. YouSPA is the social network where you can share favorite SPA and become a Fan of a SPA

All this and not only this makes YouSPA a unique platform.

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What is YouSPA?
What is YouSPA?

YouSPA is the first technologically advanced aggregator of spas around the world. Today, with YouSPA, all SPAs can be listed free of charge in one database, using this amazing opportunity to attract new clients thanks to a powerful search engine, one of a kind for broad range of content and detailed search parameters.

With an easy and rapid search, filtered by category and services on offer, you can find all of the spas that correspond to your desires, required treatments, budget, etc. Users will be able to submit reviews for the spas that they visit, giving a rating that will contribute to the average of the ratings submitted by other users. The review will be validated only if it complies with the YouSPA quality parameters.

With YouSPA, it is possible to review and share your spa experience, comparing your experience with other users. You will also be able to create lists of your favourite spas, share them with your friends, and create a FAN CLUB for your favourite spa. In this way, you will be able to make informed and shared choices on your journey to wellness.

YouSPA Magazine - the wellness ways around the world

A Guide that provides information and formation about the wellness culture, a communication channel that provides continuous information about all the aspects and characteristics of each spa.

The website and magazine will keep users constantly informed on the latest developments in the world of spas through news, features, articles, and accounts of real life experiences.

A constant support for navigators in search of wellness so that they can choose the spa of their dreams with more clarity and awareness.

YouSPA Magazine - the wellness ways around the world
YouSPA® App, wellness at your fingertips
YouSPA® App, wellness at your fingertips

An App dedicated to the world of wellness. It let's you find the ideal SPA for meeting all your wellness needs.

  • Search for the perfect SPA for you, browse through our catalogue, refine your search and find the perfect SPA! 
  • Learn more about our Lastminute offers! Do not miss the opportunities available close to you and take advantage of them in just a few clicks!
  • Share your experience, visit the SPA, write a review and share your rating.
Visibility, 4 types of subscriptions to spread the visibility of your SPA

Visibility FREE is the SPA profile that allows you to be seen by all our users and your potential customer at no cost. Your only commitment is to complete at best your profile, to be found more quickly and easily. A small commitment for a great opportunity!

Visibility 90° is the subscription that allows you to broaden the visibility of your SPA both in and outside our portal and interact with YouSPA for the development of the contacts between your SPA web page and your potential clients.

Visibility 180° is the ideal subscription to present the most outstanding aspects of your SPA choosing your own areas of interest and to interact with your potential clients directly in their own language. In addition, a broad interaction between YouSPA and your SPA web page.

Visibility 360° is the ideal subscription to present your SPA in a complete way without any language barriers. Strong presence in the initiatives organized to interact effectively with your SPA and your booking and e-commerce services.

Visibility, 4 types of subscriptions to spread the visibility of your SPA
LastMinuteAPP subscription
LastMinuteAPP subscription

LastMinuteAPP is the subscription that allows Last Minute sales of Treatments and Services, any time, totally autonomously and without commission charges. A great opportunity to promote the services your SPA offers and let all Youspa users local to you know about them, in real time.

The App really increases your visibility within our portal. Once your SPA Portfolio is fully completed and you have subscribed to our Visibility services your possibility of being selected by our site users and interacting directly with them increases exponentially. 

  • Last minute opportunities, to keep your appointment book full, you can offer last minute treatments and services any time you like and in line with any particular conditions you set. This is a great opportunity for any of our users located near to you, to get to know about you and become your clients. 
  • Our geolocation ‘local search’ means your SPA’s Last Minute offers are visible to all potential customers. 
  • Immediate conversion, upload your services, the user buys and you have got your booking straight away.
  • Direct payment, the client pays you directly with no commission due to YouSPA.